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TESTIMONIALS What just a few of our satisfied clients have to say ...

Wow - If you have doubt about laser hair removal - don't. I am 41 and had lots of worrisome black hair protruding from my chin area. Tweezing almost daily - horrible. I've had just 2 treatments at La Bella Donna and it's just amazing. After just the initial treatment, I saw NO HAIR GROWTH for days! For me, visits are like a spa experience. Very relaxing and extremely professional staff. A most warm atmosphere with fabulous, immediate results.

Mrs. Suzanne Robinson / Mrs. Hickory 2007-08

Thank-you for the "royal treatment." I enjoyed the spa experience and I know La Bella Donna will thrive under your caring expertise. I'd never get this kind of care anywhere else.


After seeing some unpleasant signs of aging in the mirror, I decided to have something done about it. I have undergone pixel and skin tightening treatments at La Bella Donna and see a remarkable improvement, especially in the area under my eyes and along my neck and chin. My skin looks much more vibrant and healthy and I actually have a jawline again! I owe this directly to the extensive medical talent and skill of Tracey Bare. Thank you, Tracey, and all the staff at La Bella Donna.

John W.

I just wanted to thank-you for my spa treatment. What a treat! I already can tell a difference and I love it.


My Boss told me that my face looked great and asked what products I was using. I told her it was the laser facials, now she wants to have it done.


When I decided to have skin rejuvenation treatments, I first learned all I could about the technology. I discovered that, with slight differences, the equipment is essentially the same. What differs vastly, however, is the skill level and ability of the people doing the treatments! I wanted the best professionals I could find. I discovered just that in the staff of La Bella Donna. That is why I drive almost three hours from Cary to Hickory, North Carolina to receive my treatments. The results of my photofacials, skin tightening and pixel treatments speak for themselves. I have never looked better. My overall appearance is fresher and healthier. This is directly due to the very professional and comprehensive skills of Tracey Bare. I feel sure that her extensive medical background plays a large role in her ability to produce such rewarding results.

Marge W.

Tracey, you have the hands of an angel.


I've parted my hair to the side now, so you can see my forehead. I love how good it looks, I want it to show!